Philanthropy- Surviving Stalking, Homelessness, Human Trafficking
Andie Steele-Smith  

Andie sees philanthropy as a natural extension of his faith and fortunate life experiences. He and his wife actively support and serve in various charities around the world principally focused on homelessness, human trafficking and social entrepreneurship.

Andie has made philanthropic investment and social entrepreneurship a cornerstone of each of his businesses. His staff have become actively involved in supporting various charities, including Operation Smile, Christians Against Poverty, Vision Rescue and the Los Angeles Dream Center.

He and his team have also had the privilege of mentoring a number of young people from Oxford Entrepreneurs and Imperial College London. Several of these graduates have gone on to work for Andie in both for-profit and charitable enterprises.

Since mid 2010, Andie has been developing a sustainable, not-for-profit focused entrepreneur-in-residence program.

Andie has been blessed to recognise that the reformed addicts, the formerly homeless; and rehabilitated drug dealers and gang leaders are some of the greatest and sharpest entrepreneurs of all.

Andie has been working with and advising several homeless and rehab charities to launch local area specific street-entrepreneurship programs. These programs have been designed to take sharp, street wise hustlers whose character; habits and faith have been reformed, empowering them into legitimate entrepreneurship with a program of leadership, mentoring and investment.

This is one of Andie's greatest passions and loves outside of his family.

Network for Surviving Stalking Operation Smile Compassion SayNo2Stalking


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