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Andie Steele-Smith  

In 2008, Andie, his staff and family became victims of a revenge campaign of stalking and harassment. Over the next three years, Andie's family, business, personal and charitable interests suffered immense disruption globally.

In December 2011, Andie's legal team commenced proceedings against the stalker. Within days of being served notice of these proceedings and prior to the scheduled hearing, the Defendant agreed to enter into enforceable undertakings precluding him from any form of harassment or physical stalking.

As a result of this experience, Andie realised that harassment and stalking are difficult crimes to resolve and that victims have to learn how protect themselves. He recognised victims need a specialist, sustainable and proactive victims support agency.

Andie is using his experience gained in successfully dealing with his stalker, to assist in the design and implementation of such a mechanism. He is currently working closely with a major stalking charity, fellow survivors of stalking, as well as leading global anti-stalking, technical, legal, and intelligence experts.

This project will help empower victims to regain control of their lives.

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